Bing/Yahoo Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Bing/Yahoo Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Bing Ads, also known as Microsoft Advertising, are the primary non-Google channel for pay-per-click advertising that can help increase the reach and visibility of your business as well as drive conversions.

Since Bing and Yahoo joined forces in 2010, Bing Ads utilizes the Yahoo! Bing network – Bing, Yahoo!, and partner websites. This online advertising platform works much like Google Ads, using a list of chosen keywords related to your business, a predetermined maximum cost-per-click per keyword, and a few other factors to determine when your ad is shown in search results. You will only pay when someone clicks on your ad, following through to your website.

Benefits of Bing/Yahoo Ads

There are several benefits to choosing Bing Ads to advertise on the Yahoo! Bing network. Listed below are just a few of the key benefits of choosing Bing Ads.

Relatively Low Competition/CPC

Compared to Google, Bing and Yahoo have a lower overall traffic volume. While this means that your ads will have a lower reach than ads shown with Google AdWords, it also means that there is a lot less competition. This means that you may be able to show ads in a higher position and for less cost with Bing Ads than with other choices such as AdWords.

Highly Granular Ad Control

Bing offers several specialized options that give you a lot of control over each individual ad and over the campaigns and ad groups containing those ads. With Bing Ads, different ads can be set to show in different time zones, on different networks, in different languages, at different times of the day, and in different locations.

Demographic/Targeting Control

The Bing Ads platform (also known as Microsoft Advertising) makes it easy to target audiences and refine ads based on search demographics. This allows ads to be shown directly to the target market based on gender, age group, and other characteristics. Bing’s device targeting options also allow bids to be adjusted based on the device the ad is shown on.

Ad Format & Extension Variation

PPC ads on Bing Ads are able to show with Twitter extensions, giving searchers information about a business’ Twitter followers as well as image extensions, giving searchers a look at a particular product or business right within the ad. Bing Ads also allows users to design ads in various formats, including shopping ads to highlight product features and prices.

These are a few of the benefits that your business can see by using Bing Ads. Our expert PPC team provides setup and management services for your Bing Ads account. Whatever type of PPC marketing you choose – Bing Ads or Google AdWords, Team WTI can help.


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