3 Reasons Why You Need a Marketing Partner

By: TeamWTI | Date: October 30, 2020

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Well… 2020 hasn’t exactly gone as planned, has it? And now it’s nearing the end of the year and you might feel like you have nothing to show for it. Have sales tanked? Do your marketing efforts feel like they’re falling short? Have you spent days on end trying to figure out how to take your business online, but struggle when it comes to everything digital? When you’re a small to medium-sized business, it can be tempting to try to do it all yourself. Why invest hard-earned money into something that you can DIY? If any of this sounds familiar, this is for you. Here are 3 solid reasons why you need a marketing partner for 2021. 

why you need a marketing partner | Team WTI Digital Marketing & Web Design

Why You Need a Marketing Partner: 

We Create a Strategic Plan

You know the end goal is to get more sales. But what about everything else in-between? What do you ultimately need to do to get those sales in the first place? Where do you need to show up? Are your social media channels packed with raving fans? Or do we need to do some work to that build up? Do you have an email list that converts like crazy? Or do we need to start building one so you can get there? Your sales will be slim if you’re not delivering the right product, to the right people, through the right channel, at the right time. 

When you partner with Team WTI for your digital marketing, we’re not just going to send out a post on social media once a month to let your followers know you’re still open for business. There’s magic in consistency. With today’s algorithms, it takes a lot of time and effort to even show up in your follower’s feeds. Just because you post something, doesn’t mean your followers are going to see it. Did you know that? We’ll work with you to create a realistic plan for your business’s needs to make sure that you’re showing up when and where your people need you most.

We Target the Right Audience

In order to get customers and clients, you actually need to be able to reach them. That means you need to not only know who they are, but also where they are, and how to get in front of them. Depending on the industry, you may not even be using the right platforms for your customer base. 

At Team WTI we dedicate time to discover how your current customers are finding you, and how we can capitalize on those conversions. On top of that, we will also work on creating new opportunities to broadcast your message to the right people. You can invest all the time and money you want into selling milk, but if the current audience you are reaching is allergic to dairy, your sales won’t reflect your efforts. We’ll work with you to help you understand your audience better, and create the content that’s going to convert them. 

We Pay Attention to the Analytics

If your goal is to scale and grow your business, you have to understand where you’re hitting the nail on the head, and also where you’re missing the mark. You may be killing it on social media with likes and followers, but if your email list is where people actually spend their money, you’re losing out on sales by spending more time and energy chasing the like instead of the sale!

We have the right tools and expertise to analyze the wins, losses, and opportunities that you won’t get anywhere else except for the digital space. With digital analytics, we can tell you how many people were shown a specific post, and even further, how many people interacted with that post. The space where impressions turn into clicks is where we thrive. When you pay attention to the numbers, and actually understand them, they become another tool to help increase your sales.

Make Team WTI Your Marketing Partner

If you’re tired of spending countless hours scouring the internet for the answers to, “What is SEO?” you’re in the right place. We definitely know what that is, and better yet, we’re pretty good at it, too! Head on over to our contact page and let us know what you need help with so you can get started hitting those sales goals again.


Paul Trzcinko, Assistant Marketing Manager | Rhino Carbon Fiber™

Websites to Impress was outstanding to work with. They responded promptly and made a variety of suggestions and improvements to our website throughout the build. We were able to launch on an outlined due date without any hiccups, and overall it was a pleasant experience working with a knowledgeable and dedicated staff.