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By: TeamWTI | Date: October 29, 2020

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A Concerning 2020

The year 2020 has been filled with challenges. However, despite these challenges, TeamWTI can help you out with any digital marketing concerns you might have.

Without a doubt, 2020 has been a whirlwind. Between a world wide pandemic, political and social division, and the inability to do things ‘normally’, this year has been challenging for most. Inevitably, business owners as a whole have had to worry about profitability and keepings employees safe. However, with all of this, businesses, employers, and employees still need to move forward and think about their objectives. At TeamWTI, even in the midst of this global pandemic, we want to help our clients out with all of their digital marketing concerns and needs.

How Can We Help?

So what does this look like? Well…for instance, TeamWTI is here to answer any of your concerns regarding SEO, SMM, PPC, or ORM challenges. Furthermore, it is difficult to imagine a time when Covid is not threatening our livelihoods, our businesses, and our social gatherings. The good news is that TeamWTI can guide you with digital marketing either way. In good times and bad, our creative team can find solutions to your business objectives AND keep on top of the trends to look out for in the year 2021 and beyond.

In an interesting futuristic outlook, a Forbes article was written making predictions for marketing in the year 2021. This article emphasizes what the summer of 2021 might look like for digital marketing gurus. The author, Matt Ramerman, insists that the economy will have a comeback, and that the following SEO trends will be on the rise:

  • Two-way conversational marketing will be here to stay.
  • Conversational marketing will drive conversational commerce.
  • Successful brands will use chatbots and AI for more than customer service.
  • Brands will adopt a new, personalized omnichannel mindset.
  • The status quo will likely remain unchanged for Google and Facebook.

Ultimately, the takeaway from this article, and so many more like them is this: those of us in the digital marketing arena must stay on top of creative marketing trends. Because of the every changing evolvement of online marketing and technological advancements, TeamWTI strives to understand these innovations to push our clients to excel in all of their digital marketing methods.

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Paul Trzcinko, Assistant Marketing Manager | Rhino Carbon Fiber™

Websites to Impress was outstanding to work with. They responded promptly and made a variety of suggestions and improvements to our website throughout the build. We were able to launch on an outlined due date without any hiccups, and overall it was a pleasant experience working with a knowledgeable and dedicated staff.