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By: TeamWTI | Date: April 27, 2020

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Cross posting your content can expand your reach

Cross-posting your content gives your content new life and tons of new views. And let’s be honest, it also saves TONS of time! The internet is a big place friends, so don’t be afraid share your content across multiple digital channels. Because chances are, most of your followers aren’t going to see your content if you only post it once and never tell them about it again! So here are a few quick tips to get your greatest reach for your killer content:

Share Your Blog Content on Instagram Stories

When you publish a new blog post, let your followers know about it! Make a quick announcement on your Instagram Stories by sharing an eye-catching graphic with the name of your new blog post. If your account has the “Swipe” feature, you can make it really easy for your followers to read the post by adding the link there. If not, be sure to include the link in your bio for easy access.

Share Your Instagram Stories on Facebook

Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, they make it SUPER easy to share content from Instagram to Facebook. When you post a story to Instagram, you can automatically post that same story to Facebook by using a built-in feature under “Story Settings.” You can find a tutorial on how to do that here.

With a few clicks, you’ll save yourself hours of work trying to create content to share on both channels! You can also set your Instagram account up to automatically share your posts to Facebook too. So already, you’ve now created content for 3 channels, but only needed to physically post twice!

Share your Blog Post to Pinterest

Once your new post goes live, take a minute (I’m being serious, this will only take a minute) to share that post to Pinterest by either manually creating a new pin in Pinterest, or simply by using your share buttons on your live post. If you have a business account, you can build a pin as well! By creating one pin, you can potentially gain exponential traffic to your website.

Pinterest is overlooked by many business owners, but it shouldn’t be. If you run a business, I need you to think about Pinterest as a search engine instead of just a virtual cookbook. Pinterest is like wildfire for your blog because users on Pinterest are intentionally searching for content to help them solve problems. Not only are they looking for that content, they’re saving it to come back to later.

Consider Your Audience

Before you go setting up all of your content to be shared to every social channel with a single click, you do need to consider your audience for each platform. Your audience on Facebook probably follows you more for your longer, informative content. While your Instagram followers are most likely interested in your visuals.

The end goal here is to get more eyes on your work by cross-posting your content, not to cut corners. So make sure you’re still serving your followers the awesome content they started following you for on each individual platform!

If this all just sounds super overwhelming for you, reach out to us! We’d be happy to chat with you about our digital marketing services!


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