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By: TeamWTI | Date: July 24, 2019

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Amazon Ads for your Business, what are the benefits?You have your products on Amazon, but now what? How do you get buyers to find your goods and, more importantly, buy them? Amazon Ads offer multiple ways to capture a shopper’s attention.

Using Amazon Ads will help build your brand while connecting your products with shoppers searching for products like yours.

For vendors and sellers, Amazon Advertising offers a trio of advertising options: Product Display Ads, Sponsored Products and Headline Search Ads.

Amazon Ads are available to companies selling on Vendor Central (the invitation-only wholesale program Amazon has for brand-owning manufacturers and distributors) and Seller Central (the Marketplace program Amazon has for third-party sellers who may or may not own their brands and who sell directly to Amazon consumers). (Note: A third seller category, Vendor Express, was discontinued Jan. 1, 2019.)

Amazon Ad Types & Benefits

Product Display Ads – Product Display Ads are cost-per-click ads driving traffic to a product detail page. They are exclusively available to sellers on Vendor Central.

Product Display Ads are triggered by a product or a buyer’s interest. Ads show up in multiple places, based on the product trigger or buyer interest you’ve selected.

When targeting a specific set of products, your ad is set with a narrow target approach. If your company sells jewelry, for example, your ad for emerald earrings could appear on the page of a competitor’s emerald earrings – usually near the “other sellers on Amazon” section.

Interest-based ads are broader. You might set your ad to target “emerald jewelry” in general. More people will see your ad, but it might not convert as well. Your ad showing emerald earrings might be seen by a shopper searching for an emerald ring, but not clicked on.

When utilizing Product Display Ads, you may select either “product” or “interest-based,” but can’t combine the two in a single ad. You could create two ads, one for a specific product and one aimed at a buyer’s interest to then see which performed better.

Amazon automatically generates the creative for the campaign through the Amazon ad builder. You are required to add a custom headline and logo before submitting the ad for review.

Amazon’s Product Display Ads can be viewed on desktop, mobile web, and mobile app platforms.

Sponsored Products – Amazon’s Sponsored Products option helps you promote the individual items you sell. Sponsored Products are driven by keywords You choose the products to advertise and then assign keywords or product attributes to target and enter a cost-per-click amount.

When a customer searches for one or more of your target keywords, your ad is eligible for display. A sponsored product ad for emerald earrings might be displayed when keywords such as “green earrings” or “May birthstone” are searched. Clicking on your sponsored product will take customers to the product detail page.

Using Amazon’s campaign manager, you can track the performance of keywords, adjust bids and add or remove keywords.

Headline Search Ads – Headline Search Ads, also known as Sponsored Brands, appear on the top of a search results page.

The ads are keyword-driven and feature your brand logo, a custom headline and up to three of your products. You decide which keywords to target and how much you want to bid for clicks.

Headline Search Ads can be linked to your Amazon store page, where a customer can browse all of your items.


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