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By: TeamWTI | Date: March 27, 2020

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There is a lot going on in the world right now. Our team decided we wanted to bring some light. What better way to do this then to share our pets with you? On a daily basis, pets have a special ability to cheer you up in ways you didn’t know were possible. Want to share your pets back? Find us on Facebook and send us your favorite pet pics and tell us about them! We’ll be happy to share!


“Hello everyone!! My name is Cleo. My mom is Team WTI’s digital marketing specialist Holly Block. I’ll be one year old on June 2nd! Fun fact about me is that I don’t quite understand gravity… when I was a few months old, I got a little too excited when I got to go fishing and ended up breaking my paw! I’m ok now though!! I love playing and “helping” with laundry. I don’t like carrots, the vacuum or when my humans leave for work in the morning.”


“My name is Fawkes. My mom is Team WTI’s digital marketing specialist Kate Whiteman. I’m just about four and a half years old. We celebrate my birthday on Nov. 4th since no one knows when my real one is. Unfortunately, I was found abandoned. But that doesn’t matter now! Fun fact about me is that I was named after both a historical figure and a video game character! I also have a cute little freckle on my paw (you can see it in my picture). I love food, treats, and being fed RIGHT NOW. I don’t like garbage bags, the vacuum, or the smoke detector (it’s my mortal enemy).”


“Good afternoon! My name is Genji. Sometimes my parents call me G-dawg, which is weird since I’m not a dog. I’m another one of Kate Whiteman’s fur babies. I just turned 2 this past January! I love head scratches and shoelaces. Dad’s work boots are my favorite! I hate being alone. In fact, I’ll scratch up any carpet that gets between me and my parents!”


“This is Harriet. Her mom is Team WTI’s Digital Marketing Team Leader, Lisa Depies. She’s 10 years old and she was adopted as a kitten from the Henry County Humane Society – Geneseo, IL. She was named after the children’s book “Harriet the Spy” because all cats love to spy on their humans.

She’s incredibly tolerant of her sister (Lisa’s toddler). The toddler ADORES her. Harriet loves sitting where it’s warm (by the fireplace, near the heat vent, on laps or in a sunbeam). Her family sometimes call her “Harry-Cat” as a play on her name. She dislikes not being fed on demand.

When she was younger, she also had a vendetta against their nativity set. She’s got the markings of a tuxedo cat, but because she’s gray and white and not black and white, her family says she’s the tuxedo T-shirts of cats.


This is Cascade! Her family calls her Cassy. Her dad is Team WTI’s Web & Hosting Team Lead, Jeremiah Hauschild. Cassy is special because she is Jeremiah’s son’s best friend! While she loves her friends, she’s not a huge fan of the vacuum.


“This here’s Winston! He is an Austrian Shepherd Red Heeler mix. His mom is Team WTI’s Digital Marketing Specialist, Makenna! He’s incredibly smart & loving. Makenna says that she has grown up with ‘good dogs’ all her life but that Winston is literally the BEST dog ever. He doesn’t like squirrels or rabbits in his yard so he’s constantly protecting his turf  He loves carrots & ice cubes for treats.”


This is Mimzy! She is Cindy Whiteman‘s fur baby. Cindy is Team WTI’s Digital Marketing Director. Mimzy also goes by Maisy, though Cindy isn’t sure why they call her that in the first place! Mimzy sleeps for about 90% of the day but the other 10% she acts like a crazy kitten and chases her cat sister all over the place. Mimzy isn’t a huge fan of head hugs. Cindy’s other cats always loved bumping heads to show affection, but Mimzy just shrinks away! Mimzy was also adopted from the Henry County Humane Society – Geneseo, IL when she was a kitten.


This is Eve. She is Cindy Whiteman‘s other kitty. Eve is named after the little robot in Wall-E, so her name is pronounced EVE-AH. Some facts about Eve is that she looks like she has a little mustache. She also had a broken hip when she was found as a kitten, and it healed a bit strange so she runs kind of funny. Eve HAS to be on your lap. If you don’t let her get on your lap the moment you sit down she will totally meow at you till you do.


This is Ren. The last of Cindy Whiteman‘s pets. Cindy and her family sometimes just call him “Pig” because he’s a guinea pig. Ren thinks fingers are food and he runs around like crazy doing laps in his cage during the day. Cindy didn’t really know this till she had to work at home this week! Ren doesn’t like getting pets when he just wants to eat dinner. He will drag his food into his house so you leave him alone.


This is Rosco P. Puppydog. He is Kim Gehling’s dog. Kim is the President of Team WTI! Rosco is a friendly dog who is always in the middle of whatever is going on at the Gehling farm. He has two best friends who are cats, Super Red and Angel. Rosco hates unidentified noises!


This is Josie (on the left) and one of her babies on the right. Josie and her baby are part of Michele Nelson’s (Team WTI’s Director of Operations) family. They are farm cats and just two of many that live on the Nelson farm. Josie is a very good mommy but gives her humans concern because she likes to cross the road to the neighbor’s house. Every morning she peeks in the window to check on her humans and to alert them that it’s time for breakfast!


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