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By: TeamWTI | Date: October 20, 2020

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Quality Leadership

Quality Leadership is vital to any business. At TeamWTI, we firmly believe in valuing team leadership which ultimately means leading to a more cooperative and collaborative team. In fact, strong leadership is more than just titles or accolades; it means much more than this. Efficient leadership is impactful and inspires those you work with. Additionally, effective leadership is earned and worked for. Moreover, understanding the needs of the organization is crucial even if this means having to admit its weaknesses. Ultimately, an effective leader connects teams together to achieve a higher goal for the benefit of the organization.

Kim Gehling Team WTI

Our Founder and Leader

TeamWTI’s founder and leader are Kim Gehling and she exudes quality leadership. She founded the organization back in 2003 because it had always been a goal of hers since her senior year of college to start her own web development company. We decided to ask her a few questions this month to understand the ins and outs in a day at TeamWTI.

Can you briefly describe a typical day for you at TeamWTI?

My day at Team WTI involves a great deal of communication with partners, clients, and employees through email, calls, and meetings. I work through lists of short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals to make progress toward improving our strategy and processes. As needed, I assist our directors and team leads with anything that arises for them. Recently, I have also been working on a project related to expanding our service offerings.

How important is teamwork and collaboration at TeamWTI?

Teamwork and collaboration at Team WTI is a crucial component to successfully serving our clients.

More On Our Quality Leader

There is so much more to learn about our founder Kim Gehling. In fact, we asked her who she looked up to when she was creating TeamWTI and here is how she responded:

I don’t have a great answer here…I was running blind with my passion back in those days and can’t think of a business or person that served as inspiration.

I have always believed in businesses helping businesses, and that has been an important part of our growth over the years. Instead of looking at similar businesses as competition, my typical question was – is there a way that we can work together?

We have been very fortunate to work with great partners that have pushed us to improve and grow over time. Ultimately, even back at the start of TeamWTI, Kim understood the importance of working with others to achieve a higher goal. She wanted to work with others instead of viewing them as her competition. This is part of the reason why TeamWTI has found so much success throughout the years.

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Women In Business

As a young woman starting her own business back in 2003, we thought it was important to comprehend any challenges Kim may have withstood. Part of being a quality leader is understanding the stumbling blocks that can occur- in essence- preparing oneself for dealing with any barriers that may come one’s way as a leader.

Here is what we asked Kim:

Did you notice any challenges (or do you still) because you were a woman starting a business that I’m assuming was -at the time- mostly a male-driven field?

To be honest, I never once thought about starting a woman-owned business. At the time, I was focused on what I wanted to create and was passionate about making it a reality.

I have definitely encountered serious challenges over the years because of certain clients that treat women and women-led companies differently. Unfortunately, we will always have this, but the business has provided a deeply rewarding career for me, and I am immensely proud of what we’ve built and the services we offer to businesses across the country.

Quality Leadership In Sum

Clearly, we are very fortunate to have a leader at Team WTI who cares for the services she and her company provide for others. This is a clear sign of a quality leader who puts the objectives of the business first. We at TeamWTI take pride in the businesses we serve across the country and are always open to working with new clients. Please Contact Us for more details on how we can help your business thrive. When we asked Kim to give some words of wisdom for young women and girls today who aspire to open up their own small business, here was her response:

For women that aspire to open a small business — I advise you to follow your passion and not to worry about those that do not support you, because there will be many more that do. – Kim Gehling


Paul Trzcinko, Assistant Marketing Manager | Rhino Carbon Fiber™

Websites to Impress was outstanding to work with. They responded promptly and made a variety of suggestions and improvements to our website throughout the build. We were able to launch on an outlined due date without any hiccups, and overall it was a pleasant experience working with a knowledgeable and dedicated staff.