Survey: Retail Marketers Turning to Amazon Ads

By: TeamWTI | Date: July 29, 2019

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Empty open brown cardboard box with infographic "Amazon and Advertisers"Advertising executives and retail marketers at some of the nation’s biggest companies agree – Amazon Advertising is on the rise.

Nanigans and Advertiser Perceptions surveyed 100 ad executives at large US retailers. All surveyed represented companies that generated annual online sales of $100 million or more.

When it comes to digital ad budgets, Amazon ranks behind Google and Facebook, but are rising quickly.

Half of the advertisers surveyed said they plan to increase what they spend on Amazon Advertising. On average, ad executives and marketers said they plan to spend 25 percent more on Amazon Advertising, with many shifting funding from Google or Facebook to Amazon.

Of those who didn’t plan to increase their spending, 47% said they intended to keep their spending the same. 

Marketers surveyed were focused on results. A total of 39% said their Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) was better with Amazon Advertising than it was with Google or Facebook.

Those that advertise on Amazon said 30% of their total online sales come from the site. Adding the size of the Amazon audience was a major factor in their decision to advertise with the e-commerce giant.

Plus, as several noted, when shoppers visit Amazon, they’re “already in a purchasing mindset.”

Let Team WTI show you what multi-million dollar retailers already know, utilizing Amazon Advertising is an ideal way to reach shoppers and turn those shoppers into buyers.



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