Reach Your Audience by Leveraging Ads

By: TeamWTI | Date: November 24, 2020

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Reach Your Audience by Leveraging Ads

We know your end goal as a business owner is to increase your sales. Whether you sell products or services, you can effectively reach your target audience by leveraging ads, both on Google, and social media.  Read More

3 Reasons Why You Need a Marketing Partner

Well… 2020 hasn’t exactly gone as planned, has it? And now it’s nearing the end of the year and you might feel like you have nothing to show for it. Have sales tanked? Do your marketing efforts feel like they’re falling short?… Read More

Digital Marketing Concerns? TeamWTI Can Help.

A Concerning 2020 The year 2020 has been filled with challenges. However, despite these challenges, TeamWTI can help you out with any digital marketing concerns you might have. Without a doubt, 2020 has been a whirlwind…. Read More

Spooktacular Quality Leadership Profile

Quality Leadership Quality Leadership is vital to any business. At TeamWTI, we firmly believe in valuing team leadership which ultimately means leading to a more cooperative and collaborative team. In fact, strong leadership is more… Read More

What are UX Signals and Why You Should Care About Them

UX signals are behavioral patterns measured by Google to determine a user’s experience on your site. Two of the most crucial of these behavioral metrics are click through rate (CTR), and bounce rate. These two metrics affect your rankings in major ways so it’s… Read More

Optimizing your YouTube Channel for SEO

Did you know that YouTube pulls just as much attention as television? Did you also know that YouTube mobile users are twice as likely to pay attention to a video in app than the ordinary television viewer will to the TV? Many people… Read More

Video Ads on Amazon

By: TeamWTI | Date: September 29, 2020

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Video Ads on Amazon

Amazon Video Ads (under Sponsored Brands) can bring higher CTR and better sales. Recently we’ve started using video ads in Amazon to improve the click-through rate (CTR for brands that we work with. Videos are a great way to engage shoppers and show off your… Read More

The Importance Of Web Development

Team WTI believes in effective web maintenance and web development planning. We believe in the importance of consistent updates, re-branding, and effective web development tools. In fact, we recently went… Read More

Team WTI First Jobs | Bailing Hay, Pretzel Making & More

By: TeamWTI | Date: September 28, 2020

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Team WTI First Jobs | Bailing Hay, Pretzel Making & More

A first job is a rite of passage for many teenagers. Today, nearly 35% of American teens age 16-19 have a summer or after-school job, and that number was higher in prior decades. The Team WTI staff… Read More

New LinkedIn Feature Helps Others Pronounce Your Name

Names are personal. Your name is at the very center of who you are. However, all too frequently, business acquaintances, colleagues, and professional contacts may stumble over your name, or you may find yourself stumbling over theirs. To help solve the issue,… Read More


Paul Trzcinko, Assistant Marketing Manager | Rhino Carbon Fiber™

Websites to Impress was outstanding to work with. They responded promptly and made a variety of suggestions and improvements to our website throughout the build. We were able to launch on an outlined due date without any hiccups, and overall it was a pleasant experience working with a knowledgeable and dedicated staff.